Harvest Kids

Partnering with families to make disciples of the next generation

Family centred discipleship within the church family

Family Centred

We see the home as the primary place of discipleship for the next generation (Psa 78:1-8; Eph 6:1-4; Deut 6, Proverbs). The church family exists to equip and encourage the home family to disciple their kids. We recognise that every home looks different and that many homes are hurting. This is where the gift of 'church family' particularly comes to the fore and we count it a privilege to help such homes encounter Jesus in wisdom and love.


We exist to proclaim and display the gospel of Jesus in a faithful and engaging way so that our kids and youth are saved by Jesus and learn to become life-long disciples of Jesus who love, trust and obey him in all of life.

Within the Church Family

Whilst recognising the primary place of home discipleship, discipleship for all believers is something that ultimately takes place in the context of the local church. Therefore, the church must crucially play its part in making disciples of the next generation, that’s why Harvest Kids exists. We want our kids to grow up in a church family which lives out joyful, intentional and multigenerational discipleship (Titus 2).

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14

Every Sunday, all children (babies through Primary 7) are welcome to experience safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a faithful and engaging way so that young hearts and lives are changed.

The safety of your child is essential to us and this is reflected in our safeguarding policy and procedures. All our leaders are members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme which is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland.

We would love to see you and your family visit Harvest Kids at Harvest Ayr. Join the fun and experience a place where kids meet Jesus on their level as they are taught God's word, memorise it, worship God in song and get involved in fun games and activities.

Please sign your kids up before they come and see what songs they'll be singing when we gather.


Are you looking for Children’s ministry that will serve to nurture the early shoots of following Jesus in your baby or toddler? After a couple of songs with the rest of the church family children of pre-school age will head out for lots of fun as we read the Bible together and sing songs that begin to elevate God as great in their young lives.

Primary 1-3

Are you looking for Children’s Ministry that will provide a good introduction as to what it means to follow Jesus? After a couple of songs with the rest of the church family children of Primary 1-3 age will have the opportunity to head out and experience a safe, friendly, fun, and happy place to learn who Jesus is, to find out what God’s Word says and to begin to ask what it would mean to live for God.

Primary 4-7

Are you looking for a Children’s Ministry that will encourage your child to think about what God’s Word says about their life and how the Gospel applies to them? After a couple of songs with the rest of the church family children of Primary 4-7 age will have the opportunity to head out and deepen their understanding of God, further their trust in God’s Word and help them to see their need for Jesus and how to live for him in this world.