Harvest Prays

Believing firmly in the power of prayer

We want to support and challenge one another to follow the example set in Ephesians 6:18 – developing an attitude of constant prayer as we give thanks to God for His goodness, seek His help and guidance, and uphold one another before His throne.

Culture of Prayer

We long for every aspect of our church life and our everyday lives to be saturated and upheld in prayer. As a church we want to lean on the Lord together urgently, fervently, persistently, and expectantly, no matter the place or circumstances. When we gather on Sundays, talk on the phone, sit around the table or bump into each other in the supermarket, what would God do amongst us if our hearts displayed a priority and posture of humbling ourselves before, and carrying each other to, our sovereign and gracious God in prayer?

Everything starts with prayer

Corporate Prayer

We recognise that praying together as a body of believers will shape, sustain, and strengthen our church in order to serve the glory of God. It reminds us that we weren't designed to lean on the Lord on our own and helpfully directs our hearts towards intercession and supplication for others, rather than just focusing on our individual needs. Corporate prayer embodies the belief that we have the immense privilege and joy of devoting ourselves to dependant prayer together (Acts 2:42). It also recognises that if we want our ministry and service for God to be fruitful and not futile then 'Everything starts with prayer' must be a defining characteristic of us.

With this in mind, there will be regular opportunities to gather together in anticipation of the promise made in Jeremiah 33:3, that as we call to God He will answer and show us great and hidden things that we have not known.

If these things ring true with you then join us in prayer as we wait on God and see what He will do.

  • Pre-service prayer (Sundays @10:00am)

  • Prayer Nights (First Wednesday of the month)

  • Week of prayer (1st week in Feb)

  • As well as prayer in services and in small groups.